Senior Interviews – Faith Elmes

Faith ElmesWhat is your Major and any Minors?   

Chemistry B.A. with a minor in Applied Statistics

What Committee are you on?    Finance

When did you join Ambassadors?    Spring 2013

What is your favorite Ambassadors memory?   

I absolutely loved the 2014 Spring retreat. To say that Team Mickey worked together seamlessly would be an understatement. I loved that we pushed each other to take risks without necessarily pressuring each other to do something we truly didn’t want to do. And regardless of the outcome, we all acknowledged how awesome it was that whoever it was put themselves out there.  My biggest take-away though was from the team building challenges. Those kinds of things usually make me uncomfortable because I feel like I am holding the team back. Throughout the day, we met every challenge by utilizing every member’s strengths and weaknesses and developed Team Mickey’s unique combination of skills. It was actually really beautiful to see. I felt like a valuable member of the team and that meant the world to me. So basically, it was a pretty good day :]

Any advice to new members?   

I absolutely hate mingling. My advice to new members? Use Ambassador events to practice mingling, networking, and generally talking to strangers. There are lots of different kinds of events ambassadors host and help with so there are plenty of opportunities to figure out your networking style. If you say something silly or chicken out of approaching that really interesting person across the room, no biggie. You can try again next time. The easiest thing to do is branch out from your usual group and talk to your fellow ambassadors at Gen. Board meetings. Successful conversations with your peers will give you confidence when engaging an alum!

Besides Ambassadors, what else are you involved in at IUP?   

I’ve been involved with IUP Pride Alliance since my freshman year and have held the following positions within the organization. Fundraising Chair(2012), Membership Chair (2012-2013), President (2013-2014), Outreach Coordinator (2014-2015)

I also pledged Alpha Chi Sigma (Professional Chemistry Fraternity) Spring 2012.

What superpower would you like to have and why?   

If I could have any superpower, I would want the ability to freeze time so that I could sleep as long as I wanted without wasting the day away. I would never be late again because I could make time stand still until I arrived at my destination and my grades would be better because I would have more time to study.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation, I plan to attend a two year masters program for genetic counseling. I understand that these programs are very competitive so I am also looking into programs for public health and administration. I would love to work in a hospital and guide patients and their families through the services that are available to them to maximize their health and comfort.