September 14, 2015

Welcome back iup!!

  • It may only may be a few weeks into the semester, but the Ambassadors are already working hard this new year!
  • Before the semester even started, the Ambassadors were working hard at Breezedale stuffing and labeling envelopes for the annual Tuition Raffle. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and we have already been receiving raffle tickets back! Great job to Bucky and the finance committee for their hard work and success!
  • IUP Day was a success for the Ambassadors! It was a great way to get our name out there and we were very well received!
  • Be sure to check out the Ambassadors in the Oak Grove on September 23 for Goal in the Grove from 11-3! Come learn about all the alumni opportunities IUP has to offer!

Case asap 2015!


  • 15 IUP Ambassadors represented IUP (District 2) at the CASE ASAP National Convention in Washington D.C. from August 6-8. They learned helpful tips to help improve our group for even better success!
  • Sara Lawer was nominated for Most Outstanding Adviser for District 2. Congrats Sara!
  • Mike Calhoun, Katie Fox, Matt O’Hara, and Kelly Evangelista gave a presentation about our retreat programs and how they enhance bonding, teamwork, and professionalism. We heard great feedback! Great work!!

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Spring Retreat

spring retreat

Last Sunday, April 26th, 2015, the Ambassadors participated in their annual Spring Retreat event which was hosted at Ligonier Camp & Conference Center in Ligonier, PA. As tradition holds, a theme was selected for the retreat, and this year happened to boast a Harry Potter theme as determined by the Development Committee. All of the Ambassadors were split up into their respective Hogwarts Houses, and one Ligonier Camp counselor was assigned to each group to facilitate team-building activities and exercises. The day was filled with a wide assortment of fun activities including low-ropes courses, initiatives, group games and challenges, and laser tag. All of the Ambassadors—old and new alike—had the opportunity to get to know each other better and work/communicate with each other more effectively. It was a fantastic learning opportunity, and our facilitators did an excellent job of providing interesting and enjoyable activities that incorporated useful information for student leaders including topics such as trust, the importance of teamwork, communication, etc.

We would like to send out a special thank you to the Vice President of Development Katie Fox and the entire Development Committee for their hard work and dedication in preparing this very successful event.  Also, we acknowledge the Ligonier Camp staff for making this event possible and an all-around enjoyable experience. This event marks the beginning of the new Ambassador family’s journey in the coming year, and we look forward to the good work that is to come from them.

Buddy Olympics

Buddy Olympics 2015 pic

On April 19th, the IUP Ambassadors participated in a yearly event called the buddy Olympics. This gives the new members an opportunity to bond with an older member who is given the title of their buddy. The job of a buddy is to help mentor and teach the younger member anything they might need to know. It also helps eliminate the difficulties of joining a new organization and increases friendship within the group. This year the event was organized by Kelly Evangelista and Amanda Rice. The teams of buddies participated in a lot of different activities. Some of these activities included an egg toss and a blind-folded obstacle course. Greece, with members Julia Snickles and Maddie Trego, won best shirts and outfits. Djibouti, with members Katie Fox and Courtney Warren, won Buddy Olympics by winning the balloon shave and Ships and Islands.