The IUP Ambassadors group was founded under the direction of the IUP Alumni Association for the purpose of serving as a link between prospective students, current students, administrators, faculty members, alumni, and friends. The organization works to keep alumni in touch with campus life and makes students more aware of their potential roles as alumni. Membership in this organization is open to all members of the IUP community.

The objectives of the association shall be to:

-Promote awareness, communication, and interaction between students of IUP and the IUP Alumni Association in order to inspire students to become loyal, involved, and contributing alumni upon graduation

-Develop programs through which the Alumni Association can contribute to the university and provide services for students

-Develop avenues through which students can provide assistance to the university and Alumni Association

-Raise funds to independently support IUP Ambassadors

-Recruit prospective students to attend IUP

-Enhance the image and reputation of IUP among its students, alumni, and surrounding communities

-Work with the assistant director of Alumni Affairs and the graduate assistant (if applicable) from the Office of Alumni Affairs. These individuals will serve as the advisors to the organization. The assistant director will act as the IUP staff representative and will serve the best interests of the organization and its members and reasonably attempt to ensure that all business conducted by the organization complies with university policies.


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