Senior Survey: Tyler Parrey


Name: Tyler Parrey

Major:  Criminology, with a minor in Child Development and Family Relations

Ambassador Role: General Board member, on Alumni Relations Committee and Tuition Raffle Sub-Committee

Joined Ambassadors: Spring 2015

What advice would you give to fellow Ambassadors? Stay involved in the organization. It does a great job of preparing you for the professional world, so soak up as much as you can from networking events. Also, practice your public speaking skills by assisting with tours during expos and open houses.

Besides Ambassadors organizations are you involved in? The Legend (IUP Marching Band), IUP Paintball Club, Crimson Guides, Alpha Phi Sigma: National Criminal Justice Honor Society, Criminology Association, IUP Mock Trial Team, IUP Pre-Law Society, Boy Scouts of America

If you were on American Idol what song would you chose to sing and why? The John Mayer cover of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’”, because I always prefer to sing acoustic covers, and I’ve always been a Tom Petty fan.

What is your favorite Ambassador memory? Charades during new member training at Ligonier Valley camp. I had no idea who the person was that I was imitating, which made it all the better!

What cereal best describes you as a person? Rice Krispies! (Or Cocoa Krispies if I’m feeling adventurous)

What are your plans after graduation? I will be attending police academy in Harrisburg through either the Municipal Police Officer Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) or the Pennsylvania State Police. I will then work in law enforcement in the state of Pennsylvania.

What will you take away from Ambassadors with you? As I mentioned above, the public speaking skills that I developed during expos and open houses will help me throughout my entire career. Additionally, Ambass taught me to be able to talk and network with people of any background, which will also help me even after I leave IUP.


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