Young Alumni Networking Dinner

In conjunction with the Young Alumni Achievement Awards, the IUP Ambassadors are hosting this year’s annual Young Alumni Networking Dinner on Sunday, November 6th in Sutton Hall, Blue Room.

The Young Alumni Achievement Award was created to recognize recent IUP graduates identified as being outstanding in their fields and to present such alumni to current IUP students as examples of exceptional achievement. All recent graduates of IUP, less than fifteen years, who have recorded notable accomplishments in their chosen profession are eligible for this award. The Young Alumni Award recipients are invited to hold seminars, presentations, and panel discussions on topics related to their professions. You can see a list of past award recipients here.

Young Alumni Achievement Award Recipients 2015

The Young Alumni Networking Dinner (YAND) is an opportunity for students to meet and mingle with winners of the 2016 Young Alumni Achievement Awards, and special alumni guests from a variety of fields and majors. There will be at least one representative from each college in attendance at this event.

Students having dinner with 2015 recipient David Andrews

Students that apply and are accepted will be assigned a table and table host to share with several other students and alumni. Before dinner, students will have the opportunity to mingle with all guests at the event. Once dinner starts, students will have the opportunity to have discussions with their table hosts in a smaller group setting. Students will be assigned tables based on their field/major and the experiences of the alumni in attendance. The award winners and alumni guests will share their experiences, answer questions, and discuss with students how they got to where they are with the skills they learned from IUP.

Students networking with alumni before dinner

Attendee Amanda Rice recalls she “enjoyed having the opportunity to meet an IUP alum who worked for my dream company, Disney, in the online gaming division. Talking with Trey gave me some great ideas on the steps I need to take in the future to make my dreams a reality.”

YAND 2014 Award Recipient Trey Davenport ’04 and Table Host Ellen Matis with student attendees

Dinner is a plated three course meal and free of charge to the student. During the meal there will be ice-breaker questions provided at each table should they be needed to help facilitate discussions. The purpose of this event is to foster the relationship between students and alumni and improve students’ networking skills. An attendee list will be available before the event, should students want to learn more about the award recipients and alumni attendees. There is a business professional dress code for this event.

IUP Ambassadors at the 2015 Young Alumni Networking Dinner

Students may apply to attend by filling out the Young Alumni Networking Dinner Application and submitting it to by Monday, October 31st.



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