Senior Spotlight: Derek Hanely


Name: Derek Hanely

Major: Mathematics & Economics Dual Baccalaureate

Ambassador Role: Vice President of Finance (Spring ’14 – Fall ’14)

Joined Ambassadors: Spring 2013

What advice would you give to fellow Ambassadors? Although everyone always says this, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get as involved as you possibly can. I seriously regret not involving myself more in this organization early on because it has provided me with some of the best experiences of my undergraduate career. Moreover, Ambassadors are among the finest individuals you would ever want to meet.

Besides Ambassadors organizations are you involved in? Currently: Kappa Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi, National Residence Hall Honorary, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Omicron Delta Epsilon International Honor Society for Economics, Economics Club, and Catholic Student Association

Previously: Student Government Association, Honors Connection

If you were on American Idol what song would you chose to sing and why? I’d more than likely sing the song “Maria” from Sound of Music for a variety of reasons: 1) it happens to be one of my favorite songs, 2) I believe it would shed light on the versatility of my personality, and 3) it’s one of the few songs that I actually know all of the lyrics to.

What is your favorite Ambassador memory? Team Goofy

What cereal best describes you as a person? I think I’d have to go with Cheerios – while they are relatively bland, they’re supposedly good for you (… that doesn’t make any sense, lol)

What are your plans after graduation? I intend to complete my M.S. in Applied Mathematics here at IUP, and then move on to a PhD program in pure mathematics.

What will you take away from Ambassadors with you? Aside from a plethora of memorable experiences, I will most definitely take away a heightened sense/understanding of professionalism and comradery.


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