May 1st, 2015

Special Events



Vice President of Special Events

  • Morgan Huey, Junior, Pre-chiropractic

General Board

  • Billie Michaeux, Senior, Interior Design
  • Sam Baydar, Senior, Education
  • Aaron Douthit, Senior, Nursing*
  • Marcus Hewitt, Junior, Pre-Med
  • Allison Rabon, Junior, Chemistry
  • Rachel Doig, Sophomore, Communications
  • Amanda Rice, Sophomore, Marketing
  • Porter Mitchell, Junior, Exercise Science
    • New members: Caitlin Paterson, Kyle Kackley, Hannah Simon*, Virginia Njenga*

*not pictured

The Special Events committee is busy year-round planning different social events for the Ambassadors. During this time of the year, they are busy planning the annual spring formal, which is a “thank you” to the Ambassadors for their hard work during the year. In the fall, they are responsible for planning the Kidz Karnival. This is help during homecoming weekend for the children of the returning alumni. There are games, face-painting, and other activities for all the kids and families as well as lots of prizes to be won! Later in the year, they plan the Progressive Dinner, which is an event where different ambassadors offer to cook a soup or salad, appetizer, entrée, or dessert at their house/apartment and all the move from house-to-house to enjoy the delicious food prepared by their fellow ambassadors! Lastly, they finish out the year with the Holiday Gathering. It’ s a fun, relaxed event held the week before finals at the end of the fall semester. There is a potluck and tons of great Christmas movies, it is a great time!


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