Senior Interviews – Billy Micheaux

15188605553_73db5f3982_oMajor: Interior Design

Why did you choose to come to IUP?

Well at first I didn’t want to come here because my mother did and I wanted to have my own school. But I didn’t know what I wanted to major in and IUP offered the most options so I came here.

Why did you choose to major in Interior Design?

I first came here as an undeclared business major and was looking into pre-engineering or music. But as I was looking through the list of majors, I saw Interior Design and thought that’d be interesting to do! I fell in love with it and here I am, about to graduate with a degree that was made on an impulsive decision. I found interior design to be so fascinating because as interior design majors, we’re creating the works of art for people to live in.

What organizations are you involved in at IUP?

I am involved with IUP Ambassadors, International Interior Design Association (IIDA), American Society Interior Design (ASID), and Pride Alliance.

What is your favorite Ambassador memory?

My favorite Ambassador memory would have to be going to CASE ASAP in Indianapolis.



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