Senior Interviews – Samantha Baydar

15622646928_725d4d1b3e_zMajor:  Music Education

What is your role in Ambassadors?

I’m not on e-board, but I lead tours occasionally and I’m a member of the special events committee!

When did you join Ambassadors?

Back in 2013.

What is your favorite Ambassador memory?

The admissions expo day that needed one more tour leader… And I surprised myself by doing it!  It was exciting!

Do you have any advice to new members?

Don’t stress about learning Ambassadors names.  The more events you go to, the easier it will be to learn who everyone is and make friends.  Also, attend your committee meetings.  They need you and you’ll be a big help while having a good time.

Besides the Ambassadors, are there any other groups or organizations you’re associated with?

I’m in Sigma Alpha Iota (music fraternity), Delta Alpha Pi Honors Society, and PCMEA (Pennsylvania Collegiate Music Educators Association).

If you could have any super power, what would you choose and why?

Teleportation… Because it would be much easier to almost be in two places at one time!  Travel time would be eliminated, making my life much nicer!

What are your plans after your graduation?  

Get a teaching job as a music educator and eventually move to Minnesota and get a degree in instrument repair from Redwing.


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