April 10th, 2015



Vice President of Finance

  • Bucky Wiech, Sophomore, Undeclared

General Board

  • Faith Elmes, Senior, Chemistry
  • Zach Russell, Senior, Nursing
  • Kassie MacKinnon, Senior, Natural Sciences
  • Paige Davies, Senior, English
  • Daryl Klingensmith, Sophomore, Pre-Optometry
  • Lauren Ashurts, Senior, Education

The Finance Committee has been busy making sure the Ambassadors can do all their activities throughout the year. The Committee makes sure the budget is balanced and up to date. During the fall semester, the Committee spearheads the Tuition Raffle. The raffle serves as the organizations only fundraisers. Ambassadors keeps the money needed for our yearly expenses and gives the recent of the money received back to the University. The winner of the raffle receives free tuition for a semester. The Finance Committee helps out with the Salute to Grads held in Fall and Spring as graduation nears.

  • During this week’s General Board Meeting, a number of Ambassadors shared some of their good news
    • Mark Ament will be spending the summer at a mechanical engineering internship
    • Lauren Ashurst has been accepted into the PDS program for student teaching
    • Brook Bachy has an interview in the coming week for a teaching position in Virginia
    • Tim Lynch has been accepted into the University of Cincinnati law school
    • Amanda Rice  is applying to be the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus for the coming year
    • Erin Wright will be attending Cornell University next year to purse a Masters in Archaeology
  • Ambassadors will be a part of the following events:
    • Nicole Bradley will be a part of the Professional Development Day hosted by Maple/Ruddock on April 17th from 11-4
    • Faith Elmes informed the Ambassadors of the Ally Training on April 17th from 1-5
    • Heather Kwolek will be helping the Tabletop Game Club with their Game Olympics April 11th from 12-6
    • Jeremy Risinger will participating in Greek Sing April 12th at 2

Congratulations to our Ambassador of the Week: Brendan Boyle. Brendan serves on Brendanthe Development Committee but has been active in all Ambassador activities.


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