Senior Interviews – Brooke Bachy

Major: Early childhood education15623199340_28a9afa9f7_z

How can you say Ambassador’s impacted your college career?

Ambassadors has allowed me to grow into the person I am today. With all of the great opportunities I had, I was given the amazing chance to grow not only professionally, but into an adult. Between networking events, being on executive board, and just working with the greatest group of individuals on campus, I directed my college career in a more professional way than I imagined I would have coming in. I am truly grateful for all of the chances that Ambassadors gave me, and I will forever love the organization.

How did you hear about the Ambassador’s? Were you nominated or did you self-nominate?

I heard about the Ambassadors because of Daisy Kmetz. Daisy and I worked in the same preschool center. She approached me about nominating me for Ambassadors, and I didn’t really think much of it at the time. I was an incoming freshman at the time, and I was overwhelmed with the thought of college as it was. Daisy nominated me, and much to my surprise, I was selected to be an Ambassador. I figured it would be good to get involved on campus, but I would have never guessed Ambassadors would have done for me what it truly did.

What is a memory from Ambassadors that has always stuck with you?

One of my favorite memories is my very first senior send-off. As I said, I was given the amazing opportunity to join as a freshman. Coming to my first senior send-off will always stick with me. I will never forget seeing how close this amazing group of people truly are. I will never forget sitting in the Parlor, tearing up for someone who I didn’t even know, all because people spoke so highly of this person.

Besides Ambassadors, what else do you like to do in your time here at IUP outside of schoolwork? Are you part of any other clubs?

Outside of Ambassadors and school work, I was given the opportunity to hold executive board positions in Kappa Delta Pi, Beta Gamma Chapter (Education Honor Society [chairperson of hospitality, co-chair person of workshops and publicity]) and Association of Early Childhood Educators (President). Also, I was selected as one of three education majors in all of IUP to be a representative in the TEACH initiative. This initiative allows me to be a mentee to a PA Teacher of the Year nominee/award winner, and attend conferences as a representative of IUP’s education program.

How has Ambassadors aided in your major?

Ambassadors has aided in my major in many ways. Being an Ambassador has given me the ability to step outside of my comfort zone and hold executive positions I would have never imagined myself holding. Ambassadors has also given me the chance to connect with professors on a more intimate level because they see how passionate I am about IUP and IUP’s early childhood education department. I would have never guessed that the title of “IUP Ambassador” would have given me more strength and pride in myself and my schoolwork throughout my college career.

What do you plan on doing after you graduate?

Ideally, getting a job in an elementary school would be great! All throughout my college career, I pictured myself moving far away from Western Pennsylvania. Although I find myself questioning that nowadays, I would still like to end up in a suburban-urban area of either Virginia, Maryland, or North Carolina. As for professionally, I would love to be a 4th grade teacher.

What will you miss the most about Ambassadors and IUP in general?

I’ll miss the people, without a doubt. There is never a day that goes by whenever I don’t see an Ambassador on campus, and we stop and ask about each other’s day or how it’s going. I’ve never experienced a more genuine group of individuals, and being around these great people will be the one thing I miss. After all, as you get older, you find out that your friends start being the people who have the same goals as you. Even though we all hail from different backgrounds, and want to end up in different futures, we have the common goal of being the best we can be. This doesn’t just apply to the IUP Ambassadors; this applies to all the friends I’ve made at IUP.

What person from Ambassadors has inspired you the most?

This is the question I thought longer and harder about than any of the previous. I would have to say that Sara inspires me the most. She is compassionate, caring, and always willing to help in whatever way she can. She takes a personal interest in every single Ambassador’s life. She’s always there to lend a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen. She’s exactly what I would want to be in my future classroom. I want to know that my students can come to me with any concern, problem, or life event and that I’ll be able to channel my inner Sara and make her proud!


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