Ambassadors at the Admissions Expo

On Saturday, March 21st, the IUP Ambassadors took part in the Admissions Expo hosted by the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The Admissions Expo is a day for current seniors in high school to come to the University and get tours, explore possible majors and departments, and to explore the campus that they will be attending in the fall. The University had a fantastic turnout of high school seniors and juniors eager to explore the campus. Tours started early in the morning and ran until 2 P.M.

The IUP Ambassadors, led by Vice President of University Relations, Mike Griffith, helped lead the tours throughout the day. The Ambassadors were shining examples of the student body as they answered questions and directed the groups of kids and parents. When asked about the whole event, Mike Griffith says “I thought it went pretty well!” He was very proud of the maturity of the Ambassadors throughout the day’s events and looks forward to another successful Admissions Expo coming soon on April 25th.


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