IUP Philanthropy Day

On February 26, 2015 the IUP Ambassadors helped assist the Student Philanthropy Council and other various offices with IUP Philanthropy Day.  Philanthropy Day was created to promote involvement by students and to give thanks to all of the donors who make our education possible. This year, students who attended this event were able to thank all of the 9,934 people who donated money to the university. These students came to Stapleton Library and signed postcards that will be sent to donors.

IUP Philanthropy

Students were able to use a photo booth, get a T-shirt, and take the occasional ‘selfie’ with Dr. Driscoll and Norm. Dr. Driscoll also spoke about what Philanthropy means to him and the need to thank those who contribute. Overall, Philanthropy Day went very well and allowed students to show their appreciation for many of the opportunities they are provided from the University.


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