Winter Warm Up

The Ambassadors were at it again this past weekend with their participation in IUP Winter Warm-Up—the spring rendition of IUP Day. Though not as wide-scale as its fall counterpart, Winter Warm-Up serves to inform students about the plethora of opportunities available to get involved on campus. The event was held in the KCAC this year and boasted a relatively good turnout. Attendees had the opportunity to get some free food and giveaways, witness talent showcases from student performance groups, and most importantly, learn about the Ambassadors!

Considering the fact that the nomination period for Ambassador membership is coming to a close, our participation in the event was of paramount importance. Several nomination forms were distributed and collected, and it will not be long before we discover who the most qualified and ambitious applicants were considering they will be creating their stamp on our wonderful organization in the near future.

To conclude, we’d like to make a special shout-out to all of the current Ambassadors who donated their time to staffing the Ambassador table at this event and showcasing our organization with enthusiasm and pride. Furthermore, we’d like to especially commend Michael Griffith, our current Vice President of University Relations, for his hard work and dedication in preparing/organizing our participation in Winter Warm-Up, and for ultimately making it a success.


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