Hawk Squawk

February 13th, 2015

  • Less than two weeks until Philanthropy Day! Watch out for the Twitter Bingo Board on our Twitter feed and we will see you on Feb. 26!
  • We are still accepting nominations, so download and submit your form today!
  • The Ambassadors are gearing up for CASE in two weeks by making our role call video. Watch out for bloopers!
  • Winter Warmup is only one week away. See you at the KCAC on Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m.!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! #AmbassLove

Development Committee

From left to right: Erin, Katie, Kiani, Derek, Jeremy, Chris, Brendan. Not pictured: Kelly.


  • Vice President of Development
    • Katie Fox, Sophomore, Marketing
  • General Board
    • Brendan Boyle, Sophomore, Music Education
    • Kelly Evangelista, Sophomore, Nursing
    • Derek Hanley, Junior, Mathematics and Economics
    • Kiani Lozada, Sophomore, Communications Media
    • Jeremy Risinger, Junior, Computer Science
    • Christopher Wagner, Senior, Disability Services
    • Erin Wright, Senior, Anthropology/Archaeology

As the name entails, the Development Committee works to promote the improvement of the IUP Ambassadors internally. Tasked with planning the Fall and Spring retreats, the committee works hard to engage the rest of the organization in activities designed to foster professional advancement and bonding among the members.  Development also coordinates the organization’s various social media, so check us out on Twitter. Currently, the committee is planning the Spring Retreat, which focuses on leadership, teamwork, and friendships in the organization. The committee has chosen to hold the retreat at Ligonier Camp and Conference Center. Now, Development is planning several  team building initiatives and challenges for the day of the event. Traditional activities, such as Charades and The Coming of the Rain, are sure to make the list.


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