2015 Executive Board – A New Era

Mike Calhoun, Executive President

Mike is a local student currently studying International Business with a minor in Philosophy. Outside of classes, he is a campus tour guide and works at the HUB Fitness Center. Mike is also a member of the International Business Association.

Matt O’Hara, Executive Vice President

Matt is an Indiana resident and a sophomore hospitality management major. While he is not studying or in class, he is a student worker on campus at the Procurement Services Office in Robertshaw.

Julia Snickles, VP of Administration

Julia, a sophomore nursing major and Sutton Scholar, is very familiar with the Ambassador home, Breezedale. She works as the budgetary assistant to the Office of Alumni Relations. In her free time last year, she also stage managed two IUP theatre productions, one of which was performed in Pittsburgh.

Katelyn Fox, VP of Development

As a sophomore marketing major, Katelyn is Pledge Educator for Phi Gamma Nu and a representative for the business honors program. She works on campus in Eberly’s Office of Academic Services and at home she is an assistant color guard coach for a local high school.

Bucky Weich, VP of Finance

Bucky is a Philosophy/Pre-law major with minors in Economics and Finance. In his free time, he is a member of Phi Gamma Nu and IUP’s Mock Trial Team. He is a Sutton Scholar and enjoys traveling.

Morgan Huey, VP of Special Events

When Morgan is not studying to become a Chiropractor, she has no problem filling up her time with activities, jobs, and organizations. At IUP, she is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, the Ski Club, and manages the website for Alpha Chi Sigma. She also spends her time as a Supplemental Instruction Leader for Organic Chemistry and Anatomy.

Mike Griffith, VP of University Relations

In his junior year, Mike is studying GIS/Cartography with a minor in Geology. As a resident of Indiana, he works at Stern’s Ice Cream year-round, as well as a tour guide and IMAPS on campus. Mike is also a member of Phi Delta Theta.


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