Many Thanks to Many Donors: IUP Philanthropy Day Success

By Wendy Leuenberger

During my study abroad last semester, “Obrigada,” was the Portuguese word I spoke most often. Obrigada means thank you, and it worked wonders in helping me navigate the foreign country of Brazil. On February 27th, I brought the message home and joined the rest of the Ambassadors and other IUP students in extending our thanks to the many people who donate to make such opportunities possible here at IUP.

IUP Ambassadors preparing for Philanthropy Day

Philanthropy Day is an initiative by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education – Affiliated Student Advancement Programs group to promote student engagement and events to give thanks in universities across the country. The event occurs annually and 2014 is IUP’s third year of participating. This year, students came to Stapleton Library and signed postcards that will be sent to donors. In total, students wrote messages on 1,000 postcards telling donors about experiences that IUP has made possible.

Students could also meet Norm, enjoy a photo booth, get a commemorative T-shirt, and hear Dr. Driscoll talk about the event. IUP Ambassadors enjoyed the honor of walking around the library in sandwich boards to promote the event, as well as helping with various other tasks. Ambassadors also gave out delicious hot chocolate the day before to spread the word. All in all, Philanthropy Day was a great success with a lot of students showing their appreciation for the many opportunities IUP has provided them with, from research to study abroad and a host of other valuable experiences.


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