IUP Ambassador Becomes New Student Trustee

By Julie Kilgus

IUP Ambassador, Aaron Douthit, a junior and nursing major is the new student trustee for IUP.  The role of student trustee is to oversee the direction of the university and to ensure it operates consistently with our Douthit, Aaron 51613D04mission. He has spoken at the 911 memorial, and gave the opening of the academic year speech; he has attended the HUB gymnasium ribbon cutting, the Crimson Café ground breaking, Council of Trustee meetings, and was on the platform at freshman convocation.

Being active in the IUP Ambassadors and the student trustee is not the only thing Aaron has on his plate. He is involved with the Greek life on campus in Phi Delta Theta, in the Student Nursing Association, on the Co-op board of directors and he is a peer advisor. When asked if it is difficult to manage his schedule Aaron said,” Absolutely, it takes diligent planning and you have to keep your priorities straight.

Aaron’s favorite experience so far was getting to recognize the Ambassadors at the first quarterly Council of Trustees meeting for their 20 year reunion. Aaron decided to run for student trustee because, “I really like IUP and my experiences here made me want to work towards the future of IUP to ensure we continue to provide high quality education and enrich students outside the classroom.”  Aaron remembers hearing Andrew Longacre, the previous student trustee and IUP Ambassador, speaking at his freshman convocation. “I thought what great experiences he must be making and taking away into his future.”

After graduation Aaron would like to become a nurse practitioner working in a cardio vascular intensive care unit in Doubois. Traveling the world to do mission work is also a goal of his. Aaron hopes to be able to communicate to a group on a large scale once he is done with the trustee position. Aaron gave some advice to whoever may take over as student trustee someday, “Make sure you can offer the time the position requires. You need absolute professionalism and sharp people skills. Lastly you have to love IUP.”


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