Senior Interviews: Candis Warren and Claire Amico

Candis Warren

By Alex Hilditch

Major: Interior Design       Minor: French

Ambassador Roles: University Relations committee member and 2012 Executive Vice President

Joined Ambassadors: Spring 2010

Favorite Ambassador memory: “After interviews in 2012 all of the interviewers went to The Coney for dinner.  It was a great time hanging out, talking, and relaxing after a long stressful day.”

Most embarrassing Ambassador moment: “My most embarrassing moment has to be when Casey Ryan took credit for matchmaking me and my current boyfriend (also an Ambassador!), announcing our relationship at senior send off to all of the Ambassadors before anyone knew.  Thanks Casey!”

Favorite interview question during your recruitment: “I am fairly sure that I was so nervous I blacked out at my interview because I do not remember anything that happened!  I only remember the very last question they asked me: ‘If  you could be a flavor of ice cream what would you be and why?’  My answer? I don’t remember that either.”

How Ambassadors helped your college career: “Ambassadors has helped me tremendously in becoming more confident with myself as a young professional and in interacting with other professionals.  I do not think that I would have a job lined up after graduation if Ambassadors had not helped me learn how to network and be a ‘go-getter’ in the professional world.”

Most memorable IUP moment: “The most memorable moments of any time period in your life are those that you didn’t plan and are somewhat nondescript.  Eating massive quantities of ice cream to avoid homework, grocery trips and pizza deliveries at 1am, studying in Eberly after the library closed, and spontaneous trips to the bars on nights they were empty and had no specials are some of my favorite memories.”

Plans after graduation: “Upon graduating in December I will be entering a full time position as an Interior Designer with Steiner & Houck Inc., a Design/Build firm in Columbia, PA.  Eventually I would like to work in the design field abroad.”

Last words to Ambassador family: “The Ambassador family has meant the world to me during my time at IUP and I know it will continue to be just as important as I start my life in the “real world!”  I hope you all realize what an amazing group of people you are a part of, and take advantage of all the opportunities that Ambassadors provides.  I’ll miss everyone dearly but: near, far, wherever you are Ambass love goes on.”

Claire Amico

By Katie Caffrey

Major: Middle Level Education

Ambassador Role: University Relations committee member

Joined Ambassadors: Spring 2010

Favorite Ambassador memory: “I love senior send offs because even though we have to say ‘goodbye’ to so many amazing people, it is an incredible reminder of how fortunate we are to be a part of such a wonderful organization.”

Most memorable IUP memories: “Late night walks around Indiana with Candis, freshman year shenanigans with Emily and Candis, joining Resolved, and obviously joining Ambassadors. Just to name a few!”

Other organizations involved in: “Resolved Campus Ministry and I used to be a part of the Disney College Program Representatives”

How Ambassadors helped your college career: “Ambassadors has helped my college career because it has helped me develop my professionalism and has given me amazing opportunities to network with IUP alumni and learn from their experiences.”

If you could trade place with any Ambassador: “ I would trade places with Carly Lewis because she’s so involved and active in a million different ways everyday, and I think I could learn from her time management skills!”

Which animal you would be: “I would be a beagle because they’re loyal, loving, adorable, hardworking, and everyone loves them.”

Plans after graduation: “After graduation, I hope to travel for a little while before getting a job teaching.”


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