Senior Interviews: Dan Kennelly and Alex Hilditch

Throughout the school year, members of the Development Committee will be interviewing our seniors and posting the responses on here. Below are our first two interviews.

Dan Kennelly

Interview by Taylor Billman

Major: Accounting and Management Information Systems

Ambassador Committee: Special Events

Joined Ambassadors: Spring 2011

Favorite Ambassador Memories: “When Shawn Trout made me and Daisy do head shoulders, knees, and toes next to a line of traffic by Eberly during the new member scavenger hunt.”

Fall Retreat 2012 – “Opening up and sharing another side of ourselves for one of the activities. It allowed you to connect to fellow Ambassadors on a new level of trust and understanding.”

“Four hour dance off between me, Amy, Candis, Ryan, and Casey last year.”

Life Philosophy: “Always strive to be better and be the best version of yourself. Ambassadors allow you to surround yourself with great people who inspire, motivate, and push you to the next level.”

Plans after graduation: “Starting my job in downtown Pittsburgh with PNC Bank, save money, and travel the world.”

Alex Hilditch

Interview by Erin Wright

Major: History/Pre-Law with a minor in Business Administration

Ambassador Committee: Development

Joined Ambassadors: Spring 2011

Favorite Part of Ambassadors: “My favorite part of Ambassadors is the family-like atmosphere, opportunities it presents, and the wonderful IUP faculty, staff, and alumni I have been able to meet on a regular basis.”

What Will You Take Away from Ambassadors: “Ability to network efficiently, the numerous relationships I’ve been able to foster, the lifelong friendships I will treasure forever, the growth in my confidence, and sense of professionalism.”

Advice to New Members: “Get involved. If you haven’t already noticed, Ambassadors is the best thing you’ll do in college. Sign up for everything you can. You’ll meet amazing people, try new things, and create memories that will last a lifetime.”

Plans After Graduation: “Attend law school and pursue a career as a lawyer.”



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