New Grad Adviser

Last fall, Ambassadors welcomed a new graduate assistant, Marissa DeLucia. As the graduate adviser, she is in charge of overseeing programming and coordinating things behind the scenes. In addition, Marissa is a 2013 CASE Clarence J Jupiter Fellow. Part of her fellowship is focused on working to enhance young alumni engagement and implement a new Young Alumni Networking Dinner at IUP.

“Marissa has been a fantastic addition to the Ambassador family,” said Sara Lawer, Ambassador adviser. “Her desire to learn, willingness to try new endeavors and wonderful heart has made a memorable impact for years to come.”

Currently Marissa is a graduate student in the Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE) program at IUP. In May 2012 she received a degree in Psychology from Alvernia University. After graduation, Marissa intends to pursue a career in student affairs anywhere in the country.

In her spare time, Marissa enjoys getting to know Ambassadors, baking, and outdoor activities like kayaking and hiking. She is from Bethel, Connecticut.



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